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Chapter Two
I came up with the name “Pigs” while they were escorting me. Apparently, the Pigs had the ability to walk through walls.
I realized that was what was off about them. It was the slight, but obvious, trait of looking like a guinea pig. The other reason I called them Pigs is because they smelled like horse manure and mud, what I imagined a barnyard pig would smell like (I wouldn’t know, seeing as I have lived in Boston my entire life.)
God, I could be so stupid sometimes. I mean, sharing my hard earned beer with these animals? Never going to happen.
Up close and personal, I could spot some more details about them. They were all masculine-looking, except for one smaller, not at all hairy one. They all had some kind of purplish streaks in their hair, including the lone female one. They all had weapons, a variety of whips, daggers, guns, and knives.
At least I’ll die like Daniel Craig, I thought.
I didn’t get time to. Because right then, the only female pig deci
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Chapter One
I can't really tell you what exactly the end of the world was like, mainly because it was three A.M. pacific time when the Pigs broke free.
If they were going to attack obliterate humankind, couldn't they have at least picked a time when I was at least somewhat alert, so I could have run to my mother's house and cower behind her?
Well, I'm alive right now, so I guess it doesn't matter.
The main point is, civilization was totally wiped out in a matter of mere hours and I was in my apartment, snoring my ass off.
Well, of course the Pigs found me sooner or later. They took down the door while I was zipping up my best pants (reserved for job interviews and the off chance I had to go to a really fancy date).
"Hey," I yelled out. "Whoever did that will have to pay for it!"
I'm kind of ashamed to say that I was still unaware to the destruction going on.
So when I walked into the living room to inspect the damage, I got a shock.
I hadn't gotten a good glimpse at who had broke in. All I remembe
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Four Tips on Being a Quality Writer
Tips on Being a Quality Writer
Hello! I'm here today with a few tips on how to be a wonderful, scratch that, a downright fabulous writer! First of course, there is the basic rule-of-thumb:
• Rather than summing things up for your reader, present your ideas and allow them to draw their own conclusions. It makes it a lot more fun, seeing their shocked expressions when they realize that their predictions was totally wrong.
And now onto the tips and tricks.
~ Numero Uno: Complex words and syntax are a hindrance to clarity. Ha-ha-ha, just kidding. Basically, difficult words and terrible grammar with ruin your otherwise great story.
o Example: Although I have never been to the races before, I was very excited to behold them, yet also somewhat nervous, because of the type of people who go there.
Ugh. That was almost painful to write. How about this:
o Improved: I'd never been to a horse race. I was excited to go, but also a little nervous, since I wasn't sure about the people at the track
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"How about…Dal?"
"Nah, too short."
"That defeats the whole purpose."
"Hmmm…I got it!"
"I doubt it."
"Shut up. The perfect nickname is…"
"Drumroll please."
"Wait, what?"
"You were stretching out the is, so I decided to say the implied drumroll."
"Well, that was seven seconds of my life that I'll never get back. Now you made me lose my train of thought."
"Why train? Why not something faster, like a jet of thought?"
"Shut up, I'm trying to remember my perfect nickname for you. Oh, yeah! It was Al!"
"Well?! Do ya love it of do ya love it?"
"That has to be the stupidest nickname of all time. I'm leaving."
"Wait, don't leave! You're supposed to pay the bill!"
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Cher by livinthegoodlife Cher :iconlivinthegoodlife:livinthegoodlife 0 0
Start Again
The joy of running almost overwhelms him.
The air whizzes by.
Everything else becomes a blur.
Nothing else matters to him.
She's running. But not away.
All roads lead to home anyway. No use
In trying.
Running just because you can. Just for
She didn't see him comingShe didn't hear his
'Watch out!'
When they crashed, it was a tremendous noise.
That startled the entire neighborhood.
But everything kept quiet. Maybe in
Stunned silence.
Because they knew it was a
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1. Food
2. Warm
3. Potatoes
4. Music
5. Orange
6. Leaves
7. Football
8. Sweater
9. Laughter
10. Brown
11. Superbowl
12. Wind
13. Fireplace
14. Prayers
15. Lights
16. Cards
17. Pumpkin
18. Corn
19. Beans
20. Yams
21. Log Cabin
22. Gratitude
23. Red
24. Hugs
25. Yellow
26. Turkey
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.
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Whoosh. The sensation full in his lungs,
Closing his eyes the ground is close.
He thought her would live to see his children.
And grandchildren. Has no one wondered?
About the boy with the red hair?
No one cares. No one questions.
They all just watch him.
He searches his spectators.
Looking for a certain pair of eye.
There! Eyes like pools of spring water.
Watching him.
It's too far to see the emotion behind them.
If her could decifer it, he'd be dead.
Her lovely lips form a silent O.
Please don't worry about me,
He thinks.
She cares. She worries.
Her friends call her name. It means nothing.
Cher. Cher! For all she knows, it's useless blathering.
She can't help but blame herself.
She should have known. She should have made sure.
She should have realized that he's not okay.
She's begging him.
Don't do this.
He flashes a quick smile.
It's too late not to.
Sobbing. Gut wrenching.
Heart breaking.
They don't let their eyes move.
They only stare at each other.
No matter how ma
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Welcome. Welcome to the place.
The place where children's tears fall freely. The place where adults cruel laughter fill the shadows.
The place with no light.
The sounds of broken hearts and scarred minds are common here. Almost as common as the distant tortured screams.
You can try to escape. You can. But everyone who has tried to set themselves got themselves killed in the end.
It's not a haunted house. It's not anything you would have imagined. Once you're in, you're in forever.
They kill for fun. For enjoyment. They kill because, quite plainly, you can.
What about the outsiders? Why won't they do something? They people here, they don't try to muffle the agonized shrieking.
They don't have to. They're dead in a couple seconds.
Every day you go to sleep wondering if you'll live to see the sun. As much sun as you can, anyway.
Why live through the same anguish again?  
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EPIC: fifty scenes project
EPIC: wherein Robin and Matthew (fantasy buffs, mortal enemies, and sudden heroes) embark on a quest that inverts, averts, subverts, deconstructs, and generally wreaks havoc on the many tropes and cliches of fantasy fiction.
number 2
prompt kiss
word count 337
Robin closed the door against the groaning protest of its warped frame and came to stand over the foot of the bed. “I don’t think we can trust them,” she said, crossing her arms tightly.
Clearly, Matthew had never heard that keeping eye contact when speaking was polite, since he ignored her attempt to meet his eye and flopped backward onto the bed. “Judging by how very blond the prince is, I think you’re wrong,” he said, sprawling out over as much of the bed as his four limbs could occupy and kicking her thigh in the process. “I think they’re Good.” The capital letter was evident in his tone.
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